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Sunday, June 06, 2004
Syndication for SharePoint
I've spent most of my day today creating a syndication engine for SharePoint Portal Services and right now it is working, but there are a few things that are missing. The most obvious is a mapping between the data that is returned by the Lists.GetListItems(...) web method. Jonathan Malek has created a similar tool to mine and he uses an custom configuration section for his mappings which are template-based (great concept!), and general settings which include which sites to syndicate. With my syndication egine, one my main goals is to minimize the amount configuration that has to occur on the server. This will obviously mean that the mapping logic of my RSS generator will be compiled either as XML in a resource file or as a set of classes. Neither are as attractive as the configuration that Jonathan uses, but I think it'll be okay, and here's why: Since new syndication formats will be released less frequently than new sites will be created on a given company's SharePoint Portal Server, it should net less work on the back end.

Perhaps, the best of both worlds would be to use SpsRssGen's custom mapping piece with SPSyndication's setup.
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