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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
RS Web Parts - A few more items to clean up
Okay, so I've got a few more items to clean up as far as my Reporting Services Web Parts go. Here's the list:

  1. Bread Crumb Trail - The My Reports folder in RS is a special case that I need to handle within my bread crumb trail control that is a part of the Catalog Browser web part. When that particular folder is selected, the path becomes something like Home --> Users Folders --> MARINER jnathan --> My Reports. Obviously if an underprivilged user clicks either Users Folders or MARINER jnathan we're going to have a problem, so I'm just going to display it like it should be displayed: Home --> My Reports. More on the differences of that folder to other catalog items later.

  2. Cascading parameters - this is not supported in Report Viewer web part when running in stand-alone mode.

  3. Aesthetics of the Report Viewer web part - need to do some general refinement of look and feel under each tab.

  4. Refactoring - This has been the funnest part so far. What I have begun is a back-end overhaul of my code that interacts with RS. I'm unifying the object model a little which means that I'm going to have a nice little Reporting Services library to share when all is said and done, so stay tuned for that if you are interested.

Other than these web parts, I've not had a whole lot to post about, but I do have a bunch of post titles waiting for some content.
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