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Thursday, June 10, 2004
Reporting Services Web Parts - Screen Shots

Here are a couple of early snapshots at our Reporting Services Web Parts for SharePoint Portal Services. The catalog browser web part allows you to surf through the rs catalog just like you would in report manager. The RS Report Viewer web part can either stand alone or be connected to the catalog browser web part to get information about which report it needs to display. John Welch and I are going to be publishing an article about this technology soon, as well as releasing most of the source.

RS Catalog Browser Web Part

Allows you to browse through an RS catalog.

RS Report Viewer Web Part

Allows you to see all of the details that you normally would about a report.

These web parts are based on a several controls that I have written which can be used outside of SharePoint to integrate Reporting Services into other ASP.NET applications.

Looks very cool!
Hi Jay ...
Just wondering - how do your RS web parts compare to Byants (on www.gotdotnet.com) ... any differences ??

Great question, Mark: On the surface, our web parts provide similar functionality, and I think that the biggest difference is that I have just two web parts where Bryant has a few more. I wrapped the properties, history, subscriptions, and properties viewers into the Report Detail Viewer web part. The viewer web part can be linked to the Explorer web part, in which case, I use URL access to display the report, and I let the report server handle the parameter input (as I might do from normal URL access integration).

The viewer also has a stand-alone mode in which I can rely on URL access to control parameter entry, but I've also added a Tool Part that allows me to set default parameters (in personal web part storage). This is useful if I want to create a dashboard-type view on a web part page. One of the features that I plan on adding is dynamic date range settings. So if I'm an accounting manager who want a view of A/R information over the past 90 days, then I can set a property in the tool part pane that reads "Last 90 Days". Under the covers, of course I translate that into the date ranges my report needs.

The underlying architecture is a little different between our web parts, but I'm not sure that's a huge deal. I implemented my Explorer Web Part as a custom asp.net control so I can integrate it with other ASP.NET apps. I hope to do the same with the different Viewer components. I'm accessing the RS web service from the server whereas I believe Bryant's accesses it from the client (very cool, Bryant!!).

What I'm currently working on is a more generic framework for accessing RS data from the report server web service.

So, I hope this begins to answer your questions. My intent was never to compete with Bryant's web parts, I simply started developing mine before I learned of his. He's done some really great work, and I think we are both tearing down the conceptual barriers between SPS/WSS and Reporting Services.
Hi Jay,

Where or how can we get the Reporting Services Webparts that you developed?

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