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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Reporting Services Report Viewer Web Part
The project plan for my reporing services/sharepoint integration project has two main tasks on it for the week:

1. Add dynamic paramter support to Report Viewer web part.
2. Support drillable reports (was having a problem with this when simply rendering the report to the web part).

By dropping an <IFrame> onto the report viewer web part and passing it the reporting server url to access the proper report in the HTML Viewer I was able to fulfill both of these objectives in about 10 minutes. So now I'm using a combination of the reporting services SOAP interface and URL access for my reporting services web parts.

Here are the pros and cons of using URL access the way I have in my report viewer web part:

- Simple to implement (like I said, it only took me 10 minutes)
- Parameter input and validation are taken care of
- Paging and exporting is handled by default

- Bulky interface for a web part (needs to be in the center content pane to look decent)
- Right now the IFrame doesn't remember its state when post backs occur on the SharePoint page (will solve that by building an IFrame web control
- If the look and feel of SharePoint is customized, you may not want the default reporting services HTML Viewer interface on your page

Either way you slice it, less code, more productivity for me, and I have time to work on the cons listed. All of the cons are pretty much cosmetic and the pros are mainly functional.

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