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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Configuring Forms Authentication on an ASP.NET Subdirectory
One of the most common security posts that I've seen in the newsgroups lately asks how Forms Authentication can be configured on a subdirectory using a <location> tag in the web.config file. It is commonplace to have a folder such as "/Admin" within our ASP.NET apps to which only privileged users may browse.

The <authentication> element is not supported in a subdirectory of an application that is not configured as an IIS application, so do not try to add it to the web.config file of the subdirectory. The trick is to use the <location> tag in the root web.config file. The first thing we'll do though, is set up our <authentication> tag for Forms authentication as a normal course of action in our web.config, like this:

<authentication mode="Forms">
<forms loginUrl="login.aspx"/>

<allow users="*" />

This tells our application that we want to allow all users into the root of our application (<authorization> element), and that we want our site to use Forms Authentication. We also specified the login url. Now the only thing left to do is to add the <location> tag to our configuration. Add this below the closing </system.web> tag but before the closing <configuration> tag:

<location path="admin">
<deny users="?"/>

This tells ASP.NET Forms Authentication that we don't want any unauthenticated users entering the "admin" directory.

As opposed to the <authentication> element, the <authorization> element actually can be used by a web.config file in a site subdirectory. Authorization settings in a subdirectory web.config will override those of the root directory's web.config by default (you can disallow overriding from a subdirectory by adding allowOverride="false" to the opening <location> tag for a directory).
I have 2 secure folders, say 'user' and 'admin'. I specify two web.config files within the folders with the autorization tag containing -- deny users="?" --. The problem is they have two different login pages. How can I redirect them to their corresponding login pages using the authentication tag??
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