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Monday, May 24, 2004
At last, I've got my very own weblog up and running!

My name is Jay Nathan and I am a Senior Consultant at MARINER. We are based out of Charlotte, NC and develop analytical and collaborative solutions (as well as the occasional custom application) for our clients. We use a customized process called Ocracoke which is based upon RUP to manage our projects. Before coming to Mariner, I worked with Microsoft's .NET technologies for about 2 and a half years, and have been able to bring a lot of that expertise to bear in my new position. We are currently doing work with customizing and integrating Windows SharePoint Services (and Portal Server) and SQL Server Reporting Services which are all based on .NET technologies. When developing custom pieces of software called Web Parts for SharePoint, having a solid understanding of ASP.NET is imperative.

So enough rambling... In the future, look for musings on .NET related topics here, including a good bit of content revolving around SharePoint, Reporting Services and other framework technologies that Microsoft is producing. I'll probably throw some personal stuff in as well!
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